How to Improve Your Marketing with Emojis


Get excited! World Emoji Day is coming up on July 17th, and we’ve got some tips on how to use emojis in your next marketing campaign!

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How to Improve Your Graphics

Game column 3

Do you ever struggle with coming up with a graphic design idea?  Or do you have a design, but just don’t feel like it conveys your message?  Here at SpeedPro East Bay, we want to help you avoid this issue completely so you can focus on your business!  Here are three tips for you to consider as you make your next design.

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Independence Day Graphics

parade pic.JPGHow does the upcoming Independence Day affect your business? Here at SpeedPro East Bay, we believe that this momentous American holiday is a perfect opportunity to market your products or services with graphics and signage! With happy parade-goers and barbecue enthusiasts looking for Fourth of July gear, it’s crucial that customers see your message. Continue reading “Independence Day Graphics”

How to Design an Impactful Interior with Office Graphics

colorprint mural 8

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3 Ways to Promote Your Business During the Warriors Parade

warriors banner

The Warrior’s stunning 4-0 victory over the Cleveland Cavaliers last Friday means ecstatic fans in the Bay Area ready to celebrate. And what better way to advertise your business than with a sign during the Warriors Parade on June 12th?

Here are three ways to promote your business during the Warriors Parade.

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3 Ways to Reuse Your Old Signage

Earth day was yesterday but just because it’s over doesn’t mean we should forget how to reuse and recycle especially when it comes to our signage.  Signage is constantly changing so what happens when you have a bunch of old posters or banners and don’t know what to do with them?  Here are just a few suggestions. 

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4 Banner Finishing Options

Alameda Soccer 3

Little League season just kicked off and with spring beginning, festivals and outdoor events will be plentiful.  It’s never too early to start thinking about your signage and what the best solution for you could be.  Here you’ll learn 4 different banner finishing options to ensure you get the best use of your banner.

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