Mistakes to Avoid in Signage

Signs are an important part of keeping order and also directing people where to go.  So what happens when the signs are unclear?  Take a look at some of these signs below where they went wrong in clarity, design, grammar, and overall just plain wrong.

Poor Traffic Signs

Driving in an area that you aren’t familiar with is already stressful enough.  But when you come across traffic signs like these, everything is wrong.

Bad Design

Which direction are you really supposed to go?  These signs at a quick glance can create confusion but with just a small tweak in the design could make a difference.

Grammar is Everything

A simple comma or spell check could have a great impact in these instances.

Don’t make the same mistakes these guys did.  If you’re looking to get signage, we’ll work with you on design and ensure that you don’t have any errors.  Give us a call at (510) 246-8643 or click here for more information.


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