Calling All Interior Designers

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Here at SpeedPro East Bay, our specialty is large format graphics…obviously.  So when you think about that you probably don’t correlate it with interior designers.  However, interior designers have the potential to be some of our best clients and we can help make their job a whole lot easier.

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How to Get the Most Effective Holiday Signage

store-window-2The holidays are a stressful and crazy time for the retail industry.  However, with the increase in online shopping, you may see a little bit of a slowdown but if you’re a small business that’s the last thing you want.  Marketing and signage displays are an absolute necessity during this time but how can you stand out effectively?  Here are a few tips.

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How to Correctly Prepare a File


SpeedPro East Bay has hit our one-year milestone of being in business and we couldn’t be more excited.  Over this past year, we’ve all learned a lot together about the printing industry.  From the different obstacles and errors that can come with large format printing, to overall collaboration and becoming a kick-ass team!  One common thing that we’ve noticed though is the way that files are submitted.  So, we want to help you make things easier if you ever work with us.

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The holidays are coming!

holiday car wrap.jpg

Now that Halloween has passed, it’s time to start thinking about the holidays!  No really, they’re going to come faster than you think.  Here at SpeedPro East Bay, we want to get you prepared early with everything you may need.

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