Stay alive drive 25

postcard drive 25 2

SpeedPro East Bay is very happy to announce that we linked up with Island Print Express and Alameda Peeps on a very much needed campaign for Alameda at this year’s fourth of July parade.

As I had said in our previous blog post, we would be handing out bumper stickers and window clings lbumperstickerike the ones featured here but if you missed your chance don’t worry becwindow cling drive 25ause we will be selling more along with a bunch of other really cool items!

If you live in Alameda or have driven by then you can see that there are 25 mph signs posted everywhere yet people still seem to treat these residential areas as raceways.

As a result, Alameda Peeps started a drive 25 campaign in efforts to make it safe again and we wanted to help!  Now, along with Island Print Express, we are offering lots of different options of signage that help awareness of this issue.

The signs range from bumper stickers and posters to yard signs and banners.  The prices are listed below and if you’re interested in adding any of this to your home front to get people to slow down, come visit SpeedPro East Bay personally or our friends at Island Print Express.

You can also give us a call at (510) 246-8643 or click here.

postcard drive 25


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