Changing the Printing Game

studio pic

You know when you walk into a print shop and it’s hot and cluttered with papers strewn and stacked everywhere and an old grumpy guy comes out that doesn’t even want to be the bothered?  Well, that’s definitely not our style.

At SpeedPro East Bay we’re all about the studio vibe.  Open space, office setting, super friendly staff, and art everywhere.  Not only are we changing the printing game with how we present ourselves, but the things we can do are anything but traditional paper prints.

If it’s flat and less than 2″ thick, best believe SpeedPro East Bay can print onAluminum with reflective vinyl Restaurant Sign it!  With our Direct Print Copperflatbed printer, the possibilities are seemingly endless.  We can direct print to materials like aluminum and copper for signs, photographs, or just downright good art.  These can be for long-term use as well and typically would be laminated if they are for outdoor use to avoid scratches and any fading that may happen.

We can also directly print to wood which makes for great wood barrel artspecial occasion keepsakes of photographs OR with it being wine season, you can directly print to a cheese board to add a little art to your winery or your own personal wine cellar.

We can also direct print to glass, acrylic which is a clear material, PVC, corrugated plastic, foam board, gallery wraps, the list goes on.  If you have any “odd” printing jobs that you need, give us a call.  Your experience will definitely be one that you haven’t had before, in the best way possible.  For fast quotes give us a call at (510) 246-8643 or stop by our studio at 1734 Clement Avenue, Alameda, CA. 94501.






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