Do you have a love for golf?  The sun is shining, fresh putting green, open space, and good company.  Well, you’re in luck because golf tournament season is here and SpeedPro Imaging East Bay wants to help!

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Changing the Printing Game

studio pic

You know when you walk into a print shop and it’s hot and cluttered with papers strewn and stacked everywhere and an old grumpy guy comes out that doesn’t even want to be the bothered?  Well, that’s definitely not our style.

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Clean and green with a little Motiv-ation


Who says that a print studio has to be bad for the environment?  Many people have misconceptions when it comes to printers and ink and how they affect the environment.  However, here at SpeedPro we care about the environment the same way our friends at Motiv do!

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Trade-show trending

healthy headie full trade show displayTrade show season is wrapping up and winding down, but that doesn’t mean that there won’t be more throughout the year to attend.

Generally, trade show season is known to be February through April but technically it’s always trade show season.  There is bound to be some convention to go to where you can advertise your brand, so you must be prepared!

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