Graphics that Will Make Your Child’s Day

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August is a great time to celebrate your children! August 11th is Son and Daughter Day, a day designed to celebrate the joy children bring into our lives. The day after, August 12th, is Middle Child Day-don’t ignore the child in between! Luckily, SpeedPro East Bay has all the signage you need to make your offspring feel appreciated. Here are two products that are sure to brighten up your child’s day.


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Nothing makes a kid happier than seeing their name emblazoned on a large banner. Ever drive by the large display of banners on Doolittle Drive on your way to the island of Alameda? The parents who wrote the child-celebrating messages on those banners know what’s up. SpeedPro East Bay accommodates any message you want, with any design you want!

Wall Murals

steph curry wall graphic.jpgDoes your child love superheroes? Princesses? Pokemon? Fortnite? Decorate their room with a custom-designed wall mural! SpeedPro East Bay wall murals are resistant to scratches and scuffs and maintain their brilliant quality far beyond the day of installation. Plus, if your child grows out of their interest, the vinyl is quick and easy to remove!
Interested in making your child’s day? You can drop by at 1734 Clement Ave, Alameda, CA 94501 or call us at (510) 974-7369!



Real Estate Signage for Realtors

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Calling all real estate agents and brokers in the East Bay! SpeedPro East Bay has all the signage and expertise you need to properly expose your services to potential customers. Whether it be a yard sign saying “For Sale” or a a-frame reading “Open House”, we’ve got you covered! Here are some examples of custom signage we can make for you.

Yard Signs

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You can’t go wrong with a classic yard sign! From arm posts to corrugated riders, we have everything you need. Yard signs are one of the more affordable options we offer, and can contain all the information you want relayed to the next potential homebuyer. Plus, all signs we make use UV cured inks, making sure your sign will withstand heavy sunlight and rain!


Banner FlagsFear that a yard sign might be too inconspicuous? SpeedPro East Bay can make flags for you as well! They’re the perfect way to catch the attention of people driving or walking by. Flags are a great way for you to use a bold, innovative design that matches the form of the flag!



A-Frames are by far the most durable option for you to market your services to the public. Made from rigid plastic, they are a must if you plan on providing directions to the property you’re selling or want to provide contact information.
With so much competition in the Bay Area housing market, now is the optimal time to sell some property with SpeedPro East Bay signage! Feel free to drop by at 1734 Clement Ave, Alameda, CA 94501 or call us at (510) 974-7369!

How to Plan a Corporate Event


Looking to bring your company together? Look no further! SpeedPro East Bay has all the signage you need to organize an effective yet fun company event. From company parties to casual hangouts between coworkers, SpeedPro East Bay can provide you with the vinyl and trade show displays to reinforce corporate culture. Here are some ideas for company events that SpeedPro East Bay can help you with.

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How to Improve Your Graphics

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Do you ever struggle with coming up with a graphic design idea?  Or do you have a design, but just don’t feel like it conveys your message?  Here at SpeedPro East Bay, we want to help you avoid this issue completely so you can focus on your business!  Here are three tips for you to consider as you make your next design.

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Independence Day Graphics

parade pic.JPGHow does the upcoming Independence Day affect your business? Here at SpeedPro East Bay, we believe that this momentous American holiday is a perfect opportunity to market your products or services with graphics and signage! With happy parade-goers and barbecue enthusiasts looking for Fourth of July gear, it’s crucial that customers see your message. Continue reading “Independence Day Graphics”

How to Design an Impactful Interior with Office Graphics

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Interior designers of the Bay Area, rejoice! SpeedPro East Bay has all your commercial and residential interior design needs. Whether it’s an idea for a visually pleasing decal or an inspiration for an impactful wall mural, SpeedPro East Bay what you need. Continue reading “How to Design an Impactful Interior with Office Graphics”